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The primary partnership is with the neighbors. Next is TakeCare’s capacity to engage external partners to assist in addressing the broad base of needs for neighborhood re-vitalization.

Southern University is a valued partner and continues to increase services to TakeCare and the neighbors. The Massachusetts School of Practical Psychology engaged with CIF shortly after Hurricane Katrina and continues to make annual trips to Baton Rouge to advise and provide educational and psychological assessments. Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center will provide mobile health services once the needs are more clearly quantified.  The Louisiana Homebuilders Association is positioned to assist with the abandoned homes and serving on the team to address home repair needs of seniors. Additional agencies, such as Scouts, are ready to be involved.

Engaging partners will provide a broad base of services in the neighborhood, critical for ensuring that the primary needs are met so focus can be given to raising children who are ready for school and life. Companies, churches, agencies, services, small groups,and individuals are all encouraged to contact TakeCare and discuss the opportunities for service with TakeCare.