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About TakeCare Baton Rouge


The mission of TakeCare Baton Rouge is to partner with members of a neighborhood community in order to address their needs and, in turn, become better positioned to ensure the children are well developed, ready for school and for life. This synergy will reduce generational poverty, the root cause of the developmental delays and challenges that children often face. TakeCare’s initial location is the High Farms neighborhood, north of Southern University in Baton Rouge.


TakeCare is a neighborhood revitalization initiative in which neighbors define and prioritize the greatest needs and address them through neighborhood councils. Once the neighborhood councils develop sound action plans for critical needs such as abandoned homes, overgrown yards and specific issues regarding crime, other agencies will join forces with TakeCare to assist in the revitalization. While many of these agencies focus on both the adult and youth populations, TakeCare, along with valuable partners from Southern University, will focus on the caregivers and children 0 to 7 years of age, to ensure the children are well prepared for school and for life. The caregivers will also benefit by engaging in parental and personal development to help prepare them  to receive further education or skills training that will increase their work force opportunities.